I forget my password, how do I change it ?

If your are still connected, please disconnect. Then, click on the link "forget password" and enter your email.

You will receive a mail with a link, by clicking on this link you will be able to enter a new password.

How do I report an incident on the map?

You want to report an incident on the map ? Make sure the location is enabled on your device and the permissions are granted, then click on the blue button at bottom right of the map to indicate if there is an incident (danger about robbery, harassment or physical attack).

I want to delete a report I added on the map, how can I do ?

Select the warning you created and click on the delete button.

How to note an area on the map?

A long press on the map allows you to note a place. You also have the option to rate a larger area by drawing the boundary of the place to be noted on the map.

Once the area is defined, you will be asked to rate it from one (unsafe) to five (secured) stars.

What do the colors on the map mean?

Some area can be tint from green to red :

If you need more information about a specific place, you just need to click on it.